David | Juliet

One thing Juliet loved to do to escape her crazy life at home was to go for a walk, and with a new neighborhood to explore what could be better? She quickly pulled her shirt over her head and replaced it with a striped quarter sleeve, keeping her jean shorts on and sliding her feet into her low-cut converse. She was never really known as the ‘glamor girl’, she usually just liked what she liked and was satisfied with that. “Juliet!” Her father called from the bottom of the staircase with the angry tone she knew so well. A look of fear washed over her, swallowing hard as loud footsteps began to move up the stairs. “Little bitch…” She heard her Dad mumble to himself and now she knew she was in for it, the reason unknown to her. With that, she quickly pushed her window open and let one leg hang out, gripping the drain pipe firmly before sliding the other out after. Her bedroom door burst open just as she let go completely, not caring to slide down but wanting desperately not to be seen. She hit the ground, back first and groaned slightly. “Crap!” She whispered to herself, thinking her father must have heard that. He’d be deaf if he hadn’t.

Juliet quickly rose to her feet and hurried to the front of her house to avoid being seen. She then redeemed herself, letting out a few long breaths before starting her journey down the sidewalk. She kept her face expressionless, much like she currently felt. She wasn’t happy nor sad, her walks tended to drain the emotion from her when she got lost in the scenery and her thoughts. Just then, she blinked, snapping herself out of her thoughts to find her eyes had wandered to the Murder House through the gates that she now stood in front of. She looked it up and down but before she could really soak up the view, she spotted David, the stranger who had actually been nice to her. Unused to being treated kindly, Juliet didn’t understand why he had been that way with her, not that she was complaining. Sure, he had a sister so that was understandable but she was a stranger. Just a lonely outcast that everyone made fun of. A smile crept onto her features, waving at the boy. “Hey!” She called out, hoping he might hear.

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Name: Juliet Madden.
Age: 16
Occupation: Student at Westfield.

Note: This is an RP I am not Selena Gomez